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The future of charging is smart.

All our charging stations are equipped with intelligent remote control capabilities and a complete payment system and power management options.

By using the app you can monitor stations, set prices, limit usage and manage them remotely.

Electric car drivers can use charging stations using the mobile application, RFID (radio frequency identification) cards, or one – time payment solutions.


We can offer you any solution you want and we can customize it just for you.

Whether you are an electric vehicle user, property developer, business owner or fleet manager, we can find the most cost-effective solutions.


Vertica has an aluminum housing resistant to all weather conditions. It is durable, safe, and has a design that fits into the urban infrastructure.

Online operation offers essential features to be able to serve customers in public spaces and beyond. This station is available in two versions – with socket or cable.

Wallbox Duo

Wallbox Duo is a unique and compact solution, a multi-point charging equipment, with the possibility of powering 2 machines simultaneously, thanks to the 2 sockets.

When installed on a network with multiple Wallbox Duo chargers, it can ensure the charging of multiple EVs using the Dynamic Load Balancing module.


Wallbox is the universal charging station version for electric cars. It is modular, allows the freedom of configuration according to desires and needs.

The equipment can be equipped with the BRIDGE module, which provides OCPP 1.6 functionality 

More charging points means more electric vehicles in operation, more electric vehicles in operation means the need for a larger network of charging stations.

We can install anywhere … at home, in restaurants, commercial buildings, and public and private parks.

Together we can create the most beautiful journey to a Green Future.

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